Delhi MCD election 22 recorded over 50 percent voting to the 250 municipal wards. Who will Win.

It’s a triangular contest between Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) Aam Aadmi party(Aap)and Congress.
According to Monday exit poll all eyes are set on the results of the municipal corporation of Delhi.(MCD)
While 1,349 candidates in the fray and over 1.45 crore electors ,it’s a three way contest.
The voting time ended at5.30 was very slow in initial few hours.over 50 percent voter turn out was recorded today till 4 pm.
The state election commission in a statement said however polling continued at some polling stations after when voters have made a queu up inside polling premises.
Ahead of the  MCD elections result on Wednesday (December7),exit polls have started projecting an aam aadmi party clean sweep in Delhi. So the total seats in MCD are  250 and the majority mark is 126 till evening Monday.
Arvind kejriwal ,Delhi chief minister cast his vote in the MCD polls and had appealed to the public to vote for a party that works for the people rather than creating hurdles.Delhi people should vote for the party that’s honest and works.
According to state election commission in 2017 when the BJP had swept Delhi MCD polls,the voting percentage was 53 percent.
But in 2022 aam aadmi party has emerged as a strong contender to replace BJP in the MCD 2022 Exit polls predicted an Aap sweep in Delhi.

Delhi MCD exit poll till Monday night …
Aap ..149-171

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