Old pension scheme can be implimented federation of union government employees put demand upon cabinet secretary

National pension system ( NPS) seems a disaster for retiring employees in their old age.keeping view a federation of central government employees union has written to cabinet secretary to restore old pension scheme ( OPS) under present scheme just 15%  of under earlier one.
Under the ops a defence stablishment staff who recently retired after more than 13 years of service recieved only 15% of assured pension.he would have otherwise availed under demand ops.
Various government union comprising group B and group C  officials said it is clear that NPS employees despite their contribution of their wages every month for their entire service getting only a very merger pension and are worse of the OPS.
It is said that all government employees including para military personnel opposing the  no guaranteed NPS and were demanding the government  scrap the NPS.
The cabinet secretary the chair person of JCM. It is do or die situation.
The fight would be taken to national level.All union Employees are in touch with bank and insurance association too.
All though we are quite aware about the countries economic situation but we are seeking a practical solutions but how can a retired government employee run their house hold with a pension of rs1,800?
The officials have several rounds of meetings with cabinet secretary, department of expenditure and had been told that it was a policy issue beyond the bureaucracy.
The OPS scheme assured life long income post retirement usually equivalent to 50% of the last drawn salary.
This letter signed by the joint consultative machinery JCM an apex body of various government unions, comprasing group B and C Officials.
It is quite clear that NPS employees despite their contribution of 10% of their wages every month for their entire service is getting a very  merger pension and are worse of vis -a-vis the ops.
The Atal bihari vajpayee government 2003 decided to discontribute the OPS and introduced the NPS.
This scheme applicable to all new recruits joining central government service exept armed forces.
Except Bengal all states implemented the NPS.

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