Combination of many new faces as 14 women, 3 doctors in Gujrat assembly election.including Revaba Jadeja.15th asembly mixture of delightful experience.

Wife of cricketer ravindra jadeja,Revaba  jadeja among the news faces of Gujrat 15th assembly election,a bussiness woman who won from Jamnagar north  constituency by 50,000 votes.
In 14th assembly there were 13 women MLAs while the present assembly had a rcord of 17 women MLAs.
So now Gujrat is all set to be a mix of fresh faces and experienced people.with 105 new entrants 14women.
Apart from those winner candidates Darshana Vaghela the newly elected BJP candidate is a house wife while Sajel Pandaya from bhavnagar in to teaching and coaching. 13 women from BJP five are sitting MLAs.
The newly formed assembly house have also have the company of two of the richest candidates who won the elections.J.S.patel with declared assets worth rs 661 crore from Mansa,former congressman balwant singh rajput with declared asset of rs 372 crore won sirpur on BJP  ticket.
The 15th lagislativ assembly will also have  MLAs such as hardik Patel.
The highest among the candidates in latest election.

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