Have healthy soups before start your meal.

Cravings with healthy and delicious soups instead of the usual fried and processed snacks. As such, many like to begin their meals with a bowl of scrumptious and filling soup. But, turns out, apart from being an appetiser, beginning a meal with soup also has several health benefits!
Nutritionist Pooja Bohra took to Instagram to share some such benefits and also a healthy recipe for vegetable soup. Take a look.
*It is a high source of fluids.
*Soups are healthy and nutritious.
*Soup preserves its nutritional value.
*They are full of healthy fibres.
*Soups are rich in taste.
*It is a powerhouse of antioxidants.
*Soups fill up the volume in your stomach.
*It leaves less room for more calorie-dense food items.

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