America will give 2.5 billion dollars to Africa to Prevent starvation.

Africa is facing a bigger and more complex food crisis nowadays.The African unions are suffering from food insecurities day by day.
The three day submmit in Washington with African leaders from 49 Countries and the African Union.
On third day of submmit Joe Biden announced billion of dollars in additional humeneterian assistance to prevent to acute food insecurities in African union.
The United States pledged an additional 2.5 billion dollars in emergency assistence and medium to long term food security to African food system.
On the occassion of three day submmit Joe Biden said Today femine one more stalks the horn of Africa. High food prices, High trade barriers are talking a tall on lives and livelihoods of millions of peoples all  over the continent.
Amirican President Joe Biden trying to win back enfuence in Africa with personal diplomacy that’s why promising  billions of dollars of funding in key sectors and rallying Private sectors investment.
It is first type of such gathering hosted by Washington for eight years.
Speaking on the third day of submmit Joe Biden said that improving Africans infrastructure essential to our vision of building a stronger global economy that can better withstand the kind of Shocks we have seen in the parts few years.
Joe Biden said that  when Africa succeed ,the United states succeed as well.
On the last day of submmit Joe Biden said he would back the Africans Unions admission as Permanent member of the group of 20 major economies.

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