Aap a show- off party,Arvind kejriwal is an opportunist..virendra sachdeva.

Delhi BJP president virendra sachdeva allies Kejriwal an opportunist who boosts of nationalism but his silence on Pakistan is” indecent and derogatory.” His remarks against India in a UN meeting is politically motivated.
Kejriwal on Sunday dragged out at the Narendra Modi government over the recent incident between India and Chinese troops in Tawang sector at Arunachal Pradesh,asking to show some “courage and respect” towards countries soldiers.
Addressing the Aam Aadmi party national council  meeting he expressed his anger saying ” chiniese aggression is increasing at the boarder but  the BJP laid government says” everything is fine.”.
As Sachdeva said in the national convention Aap getting a national party status as an exclusive achievement of his party as after independence as the BJP is the only party in India became the nation party on the day of its formation.
Bahujan samaj party,communist party Marxist,all india Trinamool Congress, nationalist Congress got the status of national party within a few years,while the Aam Aadmi party took 10 years to become a national party, the BJP leader said.

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