Millet lunch brought everyone on One Table after hot argument, debate and discussion of Parliament.

Keeping the value of millet cereals in food, a special millet lunch party was organised by Agriculture Minister  Narendra Tomar for MPS in Parliament Premises.
It was an initiative taken by the Agriculture minister to celebrate the International Year of nutritions cereals in year 2023 and to promote millets in the country and the world.
The delicious millet lunch were prepared  included khichdi made out of millet,Ragi Dosa,Ragi Roti,Jwar roti , haldi sabji,bajra churma not only these items  the sweet delicacies included  Bajra kheer and cake among the lunch party.
During the BJP parliamentary party meeting Modi emphasis on the celebration of International no millet in year 2023 and suggested  many ways to promote on going nutrition campaign through millet.
To acknowledge about millet importance in food ,the United nations has declared the 2023 as International year of millet (IYOM) as initiative taken by Prime Minister Modi .
The value and importance of millet in our daily food as Prime minister modi tweeted “As we prepare to mark 2023 as the international year of millets ,attended a delicious and sumptuous lunch in Parliament where millet dishes were served.good to see participation from across party line.”
Although the Government of India had mentioned millet as a nutritious cereal in April 1918 and millet has been included in the “Poshan Mission Campaign.”
The national food security mission a nutritious cereal component for millet is being implimented in different districts o 14 states.
After the bunch of heated debates and arguments and walkouts the member of Parliament enjoyed a Power lunch in the company no Prime minister Modi.
The delicious millet lunch party hosted by Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar in Parliament and to that was attended by prime minister Narendra Modi,Rajnath Singh,Jagdeep Dhankar,Om Birla and Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge.

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