By 2047, India Wants Half A Million International Students, Says NITI Aayog CEO

By 2047, India hopes to register half a million international students, according to BVR Subrahmanyam, CEO of Niti Aayog.

The remarks were delivered by Mr. Subrahmanyam at the 18th FICCI Higher Education Summit. Additionally, he predicted that technology would “blow up” the higher education market and that, in order for colleges to remain competitive and relevant, they must fully embrace artificial intelligence.  “Education is given a distinct place in the 2047 vision document that NITI Aayog is creating. One of the salient features of this is that our goal is to enrol 500,000 international students in India by the year 2047. We should raise our brand value, quality, and internationally renowned rankings to become the world’s leading provider of education, he stated.

The CEO of Niti Aayog declared that more education cities must be established in India. In addition to encouraging domestic students to study in India, he asked the private sector to further develop the nation’s higher education ecosystem and make sure that more foreign students are drawn to the nation.

“In the field of higher education, we must exercise greater innovation. In order to prepare pupils for the workforce, we must concentrate on modernizing the educational system,” he stated. Mr. Subrahmanyam emphasized the significance of modern technology by stating, “Technology will revolutionize the higher education sector (in India).” For colleges to remain relevant and competitive, they must fully embrace artificial intelligence (AI). Universities will inevitably have a significant impact on students’ ability to build sound mental processes. He said, “Indian universities and other higher education institutions have 25 years to fully utilize the demographic dividend in India.


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