A 60-year-old Kandivali resident jumps to her death from the 9th floor

60-year-old woman committed suicide by jumping off the ninth floor of her Kandivali home. She was depressed because her younger son was living with his wife at her in-laws’ home.

The 60-year-old resident of Sarova Tower in Thakur Village, Kandivali East, is said to have jumped from her ninth-floor apartment window on Monday morning in an attempt to end her own life. The deceased woman resided at the aforementioned address with her husband, three children, and daughter-in-law, according to police sources. The woman had been depressed for the past seven to eight months as a result of her younger son’s recent marriage and move out with his wife. She was receiving mental health care.

The woman made the terrible decision to terminate her life this morning by leaping out of the ninth-floor window while no one was home. At the Samtanagar police station, an ADR has been submitted. According to an officer, there are currently no complaints or suspicions against anyone in this situation.

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