Actor Anshuman Jha and wife Sierra are pregnant, with their first child

Anshuman Jha, who starred in the animal-loving vigilante action movie “Lakadbaggha-1” earlier this year and is currently training for Part 2 of the franchise, has an eventful 2024 ahead of him. While “Hari-Om,” his most ambitious acting role, starring Raghuvir Yadav, is slated for release in 2024, as is his directorial debut, “Lord Curzon Ki Haveli,” which is also scheduled for release in 2024, Anshuman and his athlete-writer-chef wife Sierra will experience their biggest release of their lives in 2024 when they welcome their first child in March of that year. Similar to their wedding, they invited just their closest friends to a very intimate baby shower before taking a quick trip to New York for the holidays.

Sierra’s mother is in America, thus the baby will be born there. Anshuman Jha, an actor from Lakadbaggha, emphasised the value of having grandparents in a child’s life after losing his parents in 2020. “Having your mum around is critical at this time – for the mother and the child,” Anshuman Jha stated. I wish my mother was here. And Sierra is fortunate to have her parents at her side.”

Anshuman went on, “The couple has consciously chosen not to find out, even though it is legal in America to know whether it’s a boy or a girl. We anticipate being taken aback. Allow nature to work its course. The child is coming through us, not from us, and we will be appreciative of whatever blessings God bestows upon us. We express our sincere gratitude. The first sonography’s dot on the screen gave me the closest impression of seeing God—I felt as though I was seeing God, the soul, and life in its purest form.”

Meanwhile, “Lakadbaggha,” starring Anshuman Jha, is presently available for streaming on ZEE5. Earlier, he had stated, “It’s a blessing,” in reference to how OTT has altered the landscape for artists. A different format calls for a different animal, one in which the writing takes centre stage and yields more complex characters. For instance, Ken Ghosh called my role as a serial murderer in Abhay Season 1 on Zee5 to be among my greatest. I was able to occupy a negative place where no one had ever given me any regard. It gives skilled artists a platform to display their abilities. One of the greatest actors of our day, Vikrant Massey, is a prime illustration of this. Rather than being limited to supporting roles in films like Half Girlfriend, which he also did brilliantly, Massey is demonstrating his range. An actor will always be seen, and OTT is helping us stand out more.”

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