PM Modi Announces Bharat Ratna For BJP Veteran LK Advani

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced today that Lal Krishna Advani, a BJP stalwart and former deputy prime minister, will be honored with the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award. Modi expressed deep admiration for Advani’s monumental contributions to the nation, citing his journey from grassroots work to serving as Deputy Prime Minister. Acknowledging Advani’s commitment to transparency and integrity, Modi highlighted his efforts in promoting national unity and cultural resurgence.

The Prime Minister conveyed his emotional connection to this moment, emphasizing the privilege of learning from Advani during numerous interactions. Advani’s parliamentary interventions were praised for their richness and insights. President Droupadi Murmu approved the award promptly after Modi’s announcement.

In response, Advani, now 96, expressed happiness from his residence, thanking PM Modi and the nation. His daughter, Pratibha Advani, shared his joy and highlighted his lifelong dedication to the country.

The decision to confer Bharat Ratna upon Advani is seen as a recognition of his pivotal role in shaping the BJP’s core ideology, contributing to the party’s dominance in India’s political landscape. This honor coincides with the year of the Ram temple’s consecration, marking a significant moment for the BJP. The recognition comes after the recent acknowledgment of the late Karpoori Thakur, signaling the BJP’s efforts to deepen its roots among economically backward classes.

Leading BJP figures, such as Amit Shah, the minister of home affairs, and Rajnath Singh, the minister of defence, expressed their happiness and respect for Advani’s selfless devotion to the nation. Singh underlined Advani’s immeasurable contributions to nation-building, while Shah stressed Advani’s unwavering commitment to national and cultural concerns. Advani’s Bharat Ratna is celebrated as a happy occasion for all Indians, signifying his long-lasting influence on the nation and democracy.

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