Mumbai: Timely complaint helps cyber cops freeze Rs 2 lakh in fraud case

The complainant reports fraud to Azad Maidan police immediately after it takes place; cops stress importance of complaining during golden hours after crime.

The Azad Maidan cyber cops managed to block Rs 2 lakh of a complainant in a fraudsters account, after she approached them within the golden hours – 2-3 hours after crime – of cyber fraud. The police spoke to nodal officers of payment gateways she had used, and got the full amount back within 48 hours.

According to the Azad Maidan police, on October 28, the complainant, Padmini Nayal, residing at Dhobi Talao, reported the crime soon after it took place. She said she wanted to visit Dwarka, Gujarat, and so had searched on Google for dormitories, and then called a number available on the search engine for the same. The person who received the call asked her to pay Rs 1,000 through a payment app but eventually she transferred Rs 5,000.


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