Always abide by the mother’s teaching,Modi Chosen Path of nation’s service before self.

Even in the time of immense grief and sorrow ,Modi always abide by the teachings of his mother,never forgot what he had learnt from his mother and the life of Iron man Sardar  patel.
In fact Modi’s mother was a sacred soul for him,always Modi has perceived the presence of a trinity.the representation of a karmyogi.
He always shared these feelings with the world through his tweet.It was his mother ascetic attitude that made modi visit her again and again.
After all in a five decades of Public life if anything was personel for modi,it was his mother. The same mother who always inspire  him with her little knowledge and wisdom that sounded simple but had a deep impact on modi.
His bond with his mother was special and so after spending two years early on travelling parts of country and persuing spiritual practices ,he came home for  one day just to get his mother blessings and left only to become an RSS pracharak in few years.but frequency passed on to him the wisdom inherent in the societal and cultural values of India.
Bringing up her children amid a myriad of challenges  ,she always impressed upon the importance of serving society.
His mother’s teaching were set in rock for modi as the emotions on pm Modi’s face were not hidden from those people who went to crematorium and saw him carrying his mother Bier, landing a shoulder to his mother’s Bier from the right side was Narendra Modi.
Over the past eight years as the country’s Prime minister and before that for a little over 12 years as chief minister of Gujarat Modi has won People’s heart from across the country and world for his good governance.

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