Why political hoardings are shadowed the city of Mumbai, illegal banners are disturbing the harmony of Mumbai.

Need political will to tackle illegal hoarding Civic activist said jointly. but BMC chief who have ordered strict action those behind the political Hoardings in the City. Civil activities filing

Complaints against all the city political hoardings. BMC chief eqbal Singh Chahal during the meeting of Civic body Rs 2000 crore Mumbai beauty fication plan on Friday. directed officials to take strict action against these. political will as a majority of these illegal banners are that of politicians. as per BMC record it takes action against around 22000 such banners each year and files around 800 cases.

A civic activist from Matunga Nikhil Desai said BMC official can take action what what about politicians who set up their hoardings and banners for festivals and new year for free publicity. until politicians change their mind set this problem will persist.

Sanjay Gaurav another activities said that political leaders are responsible for this mess. after the court order all political parties made an affidavit saying that they will not install illegal hoardings but we can see holding everywhere in the city. the BMC should take strict action.

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