Today entire world is responding its faith in India, a country that can bring stability to the Global supply chain Modi.

Prime Minister Modi chating the second National Conference of chief secretaries ,on his last day as Modi said in order to build a developed India the country is focusing on four pillars of infrastructure, investment ,Innovation and inclusion.

Today the entire world responding its faith in India we are being look up to as a country that can bring stability to the Global supply chain.

The country would be able to take full advantage to the new position in the world only if States take the lead by maintaining focus on quality and text decisions within India first approach state should focus on Pro development governance.

Prime Minister Modi also urged Niti Aayog to Foster healthy competition between the states and to encourage the creation of action plans from the observations made at conference. now we should more towards self certification and standardisation of forms as Modi said.

With the eyes of the world being on India, combined with the rich pool of our youth the coming years belong to our nation.

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