Joshimath is sinking don’t hurt nature’s emotion.

Joshimath is known for the door of heaven and Pandavas birthplace, a sacred beautiful religious pilgrimage hub of Uttarakhand, every year thousand’s of peoples visit Joshimath, from there they visit other religious places like Badrinath and other Temple cities of Uttarakhand but recently Joshimath started sinking, facing the emblematic of geological disaster that has infact manifested across India in the neighbourhood of big resource extraction projects.

Subsidence in the region determining whether the ongoing incident can be traced this directly the 2009 aquifer for puncture is complicated by the lack of long term scientific investigations of the area.

National geophysical Research Institute set out on January to examine the circumstances of incidence when Joshimath locals pointing fingers at Tapovan Vishnu gad as well as the helong Marwadi bypass as part of the Char Dham project.It is said by enviramentalist Ravi chopra that enough reasons to believe that NTPC tunneling exercise had caused the current Joshimath crisis.

NTPC issued a statement of washing its hands of the unfolding crisis.

As we know there have been reports of Subsidence from the jhariya, bhurkunda, kapa Sara and talchar coal mines. from Delhi and Kolkata due to over extraction of groundwater. we have seen last year Himachal Pradesh Begun to sag shortly after a hydroelectric power began test runs is the effect of the Tapovan Vishnu gad facility near Joshimath in Uttarakhand.

Everybody knows that Joshimath is prone to landslides questions about zoning carrying capacity and keeping points here all been set.

The sinking of Joshimath has captured the Nations attention because it is destination zone for both pilgrims and tourists .The government must under take whatever repair and Restoration efforts are going on not only Joshimath but other all sites as well effected by Subsidence.

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