75th Indian army Day celebrated on 15th January PM Modi conveyed his best wishes to all Army personnel.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi twitted that they have always kept our nation safe and are widely admired for their service during the times of crisis. as India is celebrating 75th army Day on 15th January, all Army command headquarters celebrate army Day to honour the soldiers of the country. Grand celebrations take place all across the country on this day.

The Army day parade which used to be held in Delhi is being held in Bengaluru on 15th January. This is the first time the prade has been held out side Delhi since it’s Inception in 1949.

After India got its independence in the year 1947 it was only on January 15 1949, when the country got its first Indian chief Lieutenant General k.M Cariyappa took over as commander in chief of the Indian army in 1949 from British general Francis butcher.

as the Defence Minister said the nation salutes there in domitable courage , Vellore sacrifices and service. we are proud of the Indian Army efforts to keep India’s safe and secure.

the Indian Army is one of the most powerful military of the world. gallantry awards and Sinha medals are also awarded to the soldiers for their bravery on this day.

the Indian Army Moto is service before self it’s the largest component of the Indian armed forces. salute to the brave soldiers who risk and sacrifice their lives to protect us. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh attended an Army day celebration on 15th January.

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