At Mumbai marathan 2023 Parul Chaudhary emerge the fastest among elit India women.

I am delighted with my performance as I broke my earlier best timing, which I had registered here in 2020 Parul Chaudhary, a Western Railway athlete told.

Chaudhari who is currently training at the national camp in Bangalore is hoping her good form can help her finish on the podium at this year Asian games in Hungzhou China.

I want to win a medal in the 3000 m steeple chase in the Asian Games. I will also try to be in the top 3 in 5000 M events as Parul said.

It was good experience running in Mumbai but I feel my best running experience was in Delhi. the roads of Delhi’s are nice and Flat, while in Mumbai there are some hilly sections which make it tough as Parul said.

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