The BJP has ended 25 years of left front Rule By bagging 36 seats in the 60 member house in Tripura.

It was the Rapid rise of the Bhartiya Janata Party that changed the political landscape of Tripura 2018, the buzz now 5 years later is around the Tripraha indigenous progressive regional Alliance (TIPRA) Motha, a regional party flotted former royalty Bikram Manikya Debbaarams the left front laid by CPI(M ) and the Congress are in Alliance that they say is essential to counter the rising tied of saffron in the state which goes to the poles on February 16.

It is seeking re election not so much based on its track record in the state but the highlighting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image, Central schemes claims about India’s handling of covid- 19, it’s Global economic clout and

G-20 leadershipa nd the central budget.

BJP is projecting the motha, as its main Rival, who have been raising issues of corruption, misuse of government machinery, the reign of fear and unemployment to target the BJP.

Motha which is contesting 42 seats is respected to do well in the 20 tribal dominated Assembly seats within the Tripura travel areas. where it has been in power since 2021.

The offer of a pre-poll Alliance by both the BJP and the left Congress Alliance shows that the motha is a force to Reckon while negotiation with the BJP fail through after it declines to give in writing that it would ground a greater Tripura land within the constitution framework.

The Motha disagrees and points out unlike tribal tribal based parties of the past, including the BJP ally the indigenous peoples front of Tripura, it is more inclusive than the BJP dividing people on the basis of religion, food by fielding candidates in 2022 non tribal States.

Mota has been trying to reiteraet that it stands for Tripura for all Stirring of the state politics.

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