The Modi government has insured the peace and development of Nagaland- Amit Shah.

Addressing and election rally in tuensang Sadar in Nagaland ,Amit Shah said the government peace talk on the naga issues has been going on under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and assured that he would be successful.

Eastern Nagaland peoples organisation (ENPO) withdrawal of its pole bycott was a welcome move. Entire issues raised by the ENPO have been discussed and agreement would be signed after the Assembly Elections.

To insure the Naga peoples rights and development an agreement would be signed by the home ministry are going on what the Modi has started will be successful. Naga attire, tradition ,language, culture and history would be protected and region would see the development.

On February 4 ENPO had withdrawn its call to bycott poles as a demand for a separate Frontier Nagaland state has not been formed earlier now afspa would be withdrawn from inter Nagaland.

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