No need to make Mumbai like Shanghai just dream of making Mumbai like International standard, Maharashtra CM Sindhe.

Maharashtra chief minister Eknath Shinde was speaking at a public function where he launched works on 320 different projects in Mumbai.

He said there is no need to dream of making Mumbai like Shanghai Instead the need is to focus on making the metropolish city of International standard. He said further they need to win Mumbai municipal corporation polls to remove the certain contractors and provide better roads and services to the people.

we are also setting up several sewage treatment plants we should treat the used water and release only clean water into the sea he said.

Earlier Mumbai used to have mill sirens to which everyone used to pay attention, now there is only one siren and nobody needs to pay attention to it.. He quipped without taking Raut’s name.

Deupty Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said as they were starting several in one go Mumbai kars will face inconvenience and conjunction for next month.

whatever work we try to start in Mumbai some people immediately react and claim the same work started by them. This is a very wrong and unhealthy habit.

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