BJP and IPFT bagged 32 seats in Tripura and NDPP and BJP won 25 and 12 seats in Nagaland.

BJP and IPFT bagged 32 seats and one seat while and NDPP and BJP won in 25 and 12 seats in nagaland .

In meghalay NPP got 26 seats while BJP won in two constituencies as it had done 5 years ago.

In an exact repeat of 2018. Each of these States have 60 seats UPP which won 11 seats this time was part of the earlier and NPP BJP Alliance government.

Soon after both states assembly election results Assam chief minister Hemant vishwa sharma said BJP president JP Nadda has advised state unit of bjp meghalaya to support the national peoples party informing the next government in Meghalaya.

NPP chief Conrad Sangma called at Amit Shah Ji honorable home minister and short his support and blessings in forming new Government.

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