The Conrad Sangma – led national people’s party (NPP) will form the next coalition government in Meghalaya with the support of BJP.

Sangma -led NPP seems to have a majority in the house 59 Assembly seats had gone to the polls on February 27, with the election to the 60th seat. even as the result fractured mandate Conards and NPP had emerged as the single largest party with 26 seats BJP with two MLA extended it support to NPP.

Hill States people democratic party (HSPDP) whose two newly elected MLA’s Conrad had listed in the support letter of 32, he had submitted to the Governor earlier on Friday withdrew support later.

Late friday evening the HS PDP issued a statement saying the party had not authorised its two MLA to land support to the government formation.

Although on Thursday two HSP DP MLA names where on a list of 32 that NPP chief Conards Sangma submitted to the Governor but the legislature later withdrew the support.

HSPdp president K.P pangniang wrote the party has no role in this affair and theirfore we with draw support to your party with effect from Friday. Right after that Conards submitted the letter of support with the signature of 32 MLAs to Governor Phagu Chauhan and announces the support of another independent MLA.

On Friday morning Conard submitted his resignation and staked a claim to form a new government .The NPP chief told that he had sufficient numbers and the Prime Minister and Modi Amit Shah will be invited to the swearing in ceremony.

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