Tourism is huge and is a part of India’s culture and tradition- Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday long term planning is needed to transform the tourism sector in the country.

Addressing a post budget webinar on boosting developing tourism, he said “In the contest of India the scope of tourism is huge and is a part of India’s culture and tradition since age”.

In order to boost the tourism sector we should develope at least 50 destinations which will appear on the list for tourist whenever they think of visiting India.

PM Modi said if Civic amenities increase there is good digital connectivity hotels and hospitals Indian tourism sector can grow manifold.

Siting the example of the Kashi Vishwanath Dham he said that rejuvenation of religious site boosted tourist foot fall with over 7 crore people visiting last year.

He pointed out that tourism industry should tab in the growing popularly of destination weddings. special packages can be announced for such destinations and it would encourage people to hold their wedding ceremony in different states.

Creation of an information driven app for tourists vibrant village program to encourage tourism in border villages setting up Unity malls in state capitals to promote local Handicrafts and products.

He further said infrastructural overhaul and novel ways of promotion would fascilitate ease of potential and have been mostly untapped.

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