Heart Attack rate has risen among those age 35 between 54 especially women.

Recent studies such as the 2018 Atherosclerosis risk in communities surveillance studies which reviewed more than 28000 hospitalisations for heart attack have found that Heart Attack rate has Risen among those age 35 between 54 specially women.

Actor Sushmita Sen recently suffered a very big heart attack and her main artery had a 95% blockage, she manage to survive.

Women are relatively protected up to meno pause due to estrogen and other hormones as compared to males. but after Meanopouse the coronary artery disease or Heart Attack incidence increases says doctor Vijay Kumar senior Consultant And interventional cardiologist Ujala Cygnus group of hospitals.

Women may also be more vulnerable to cvps due to hypertension pregnancy disorders and persistence of weight gain post pregnancy due to various psychological changes in the body during pregnancy as well as hormonal changes during menapouse. Doctor Kumar adds those women who have actual heart attacks have higher moratality as compared to male.

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