Mamta Banerjee will meet leaders on March 17 keeping in view of panchayat election.

Mamta Banerjee fighting hard to get ride of corrupt tag, will be clean the parties tag strategy for the panchayat elections.

Panchayat election schedule between April and and may which are being seen as a semifinal to the 2024 Lok sabha election.

This meeting will be addressed by Mamta Banerjee and TMC’s national General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee.

They will lay down the guidelines to the leaders for elections in fact in 2018 allegations of violence and intimedation by the opposition help the BJP to some extent to bag 18 seats, keeping this in mind TMC has made a detailed strategy to ensure the mistakes of 2018 are not repeated .

Keeping in view the performance chart of village leader TMC launched a programme titled the “Didir surokha kawach” to understand is the government scheme were reaching people on the ground, Through this leaders visited different constituency and gathered complaints from the locals.

She conveyed message to leaders that violence will not be tolerated during the panchayat elections, TMC has been trying to project clean image by putting up leaders known for their simple lifestyle.

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