In the last few decades women welding the megaphone helming, production houses making in roads into male domains.

Now Guneet Monga to Gauri Shinde 5 powerful creative women who have shown their talent and character in the Indian film industry.

Guneet Monga, Joya Akhtar ,Gauri Shinde, Alankrita shrivastav, Shailja Kejriwal have transformed the way the stories are told.

For last few decades with an increasing number of women welding the megaphone helming production, houses ,making in roads into male dominance and getting equal representations in film industry. Now entertainment have undergoing huge shift.

These are the few powerful clutter Breakers who have imprinted Indian entertainment with courageous and freshness.

Gauri Shinde sensitive empathy gaze depicts the vulnerability and unexpressed emotion of her delicately great films like English Vinglish ,dear Zindagi

These films made much needed observations on self love and mental health. Now Guneet Monga proved herself a genius film producer and a story tailer who won the 2023 Oscar Academy Award for her short documentary film The Elephant Whisperers.

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