Just pay 6 crore per passenger for Space tourism.ISRO will be planning to take trip to space by 2030.

Work is in progress around India’s very own space tourism module which is both safe and reusiable ISRO chairman as Somnath said.

The ISRO chairman added the enthusiast will be able to take a trip to space by 2030, the estimated cost of trip is slated to be Rs 6 crore.

Come 2039 and indians who can afford it will be able to be done space suites seat in modular atop rocket and take a trip to space for 6 crore.

People who take trip will also be able to call themselves Astronaut somnath said.

Governments space tourism module is gaining momentum, They added that tickets will be available at competitive price in the global market. The ticket price likely to be around rupees 6 crore.

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