Bhartiya Janata Party the most futuristic party of India, continuous journey of going from 2 to 303 Lok Sabha seats- Prime Minister Modi.

Prime Minister Modi said all those deep in corruption will not be spared, speaking at the inaugural event of the newly constructed BJP central office in Delhi. He said that BJP the most futuristic party of India, tireless journey of going 2 to 303 Lok Sabha seats.

He also attacked on Congress by ranking up the issues of 1984 anti riots ,emergency and corruption.

The country can never forget the black chapter of 1984 Congress got historic mandate in those elections but we were not demorlised and did not blame others.

The BJP is not the party that came from the TV screen or newspaper neither did it come from Twitter handles and YouTube channels, this BJP progressed on the basis of the hard work as its worker.

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