According to CMIE data, unemployment rate Rises to 3 months high of 7.8% in March.

India’s unemployment rose to a 3 months high in March, 7.8 percent as the countries labour market deteriorated according the to CMIE.

Unemployment rate in the country rate in urban areas was at 8.4 percent while the rural areas it was at 7.5 percent.

India’s labour markets deterioated in March 2023. The unemployment rate increased from 7.5% in February 27.8% in March.

The effect of this compounded the simultaneous fall in the labour force participation rate which fail from 39.9% to 39.8% CMI Managing Director Mahesh Vyas said.

Unemployment was the highest in haryana at 26.8 percent ,closely followed by rajasthan at 26.4 percent ,jammu and kashmir at 23.1 percent ,sikkim 20.7 percent, Bihar 17.6 percent ,Jharkhand 17.5 percent.

Unemployment was the lowest in Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh at 0.8%.

Manufacturing, Engineering, construction and infrastructure have kept the job markets warm the result of March a combination of all these factors we will see the pickup in April he said.

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