The menacing Cyclone Biparjoy, named after the Bengali word for “disaster,” is expected to make landfall on June 15.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued warnings of severe destruction, including infrastructure damage, power outages, communication disruptions, and impacts on housing structures.

This powerful storm poses a significant threat, with forecasted intense winds, storm surges, and heavy rainfall along a 325-kilometre coastal stretch from Gujarat, India, to Karachi, Pakistan.

MaharashtraVisuals from Marine Lines in Mumbai capture the anticipation of the impending Cyclone Biporjoy set to make landfall in Gujarat. As Mumbai prepares for the impact, a high tide is also expected at 10.29 am, heightening concerns about potential coastal inundation and its effects.

Vice-Chief of Naval Staff Sanjay Jasjit Singh on the Indian Navy’s preparedness for Cyclone Biparjoy said that ships, disaster response teams are ready. As per the government, 15 teams of NDRF (National Disaster Response Force), 12 of SDRF (State Disaster Response Force), 115 teams of the state road and building department, and 397 of the state electricity department have been deployed in different coastal districts in Gujarat.

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