BJP Leader demands for Congress Ban as Modi-Tughlaq Poster Sparks Controversy

In a shocking turn of events, BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has demanded the derecognition of the Congress party following a heated poster war. The controversy erupted when the Congress’s Kerala unit compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Muhammad bin Tughluq, the second sultan of the Tughluq dynasty. The ongoing poster feud has now taken a controversial turn, with mutual jabs being exchanged between the two political giants.

Naqvi, a former Union minister, declared on Saturday that the alleged poster featuring Modi as Tughlaq provides a “fit case” for the election commission to derecognize the Congress party and impose a ban on it. He took to his official social media handle to express his stance, stating, “Fit case for derecognition & Ban on Congress @ECISVEEP.”

The Congress’s Kerala unit initially ignited the fire by releasing a poster that superimposed Modi’s face onto an image of Muhammad bin Tughluq from historical textbooks, resulting in a striking resemblance to the Prime Minister.
“Dear Pradhan Mantriji, if you are eager to update textbooks, replace the Tughlaq era with your own,” read the provocative post on the Congress Kerala’s official social media platform.

In retaliation, the BJP escalated the poster war by portraying Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as ‘Ravan,’ the multi-headed demon king from the epic ‘Ramayana. “The new age Ravan is here. He is Evil. Anti Dharma. Anti Ram. His aim is to destroy Bharat,” proclaimed the BJP’s official social media handle.

    Combination  posters shows PM Narendra Modi and HM Amit Shah as ‘Jumla Boy’ BJP  and portraying Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as ‘Ravan

Congress leaders swiftly condemned the comparison, with party MP Manickam Tagore labelling it as ‘unfortunate’ and accusing the BJP of inciting violence against Rahul Gandhi. “They are provoking people to resort to violence directed at Rahul Gandhi. We all know how he lost his father and grandmother to violence. Such promotional materials from a national party are unfortunate and condemnable,” Tagore told ANI, while also demanding an apology from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP national president JP Nadda.

But the controversy didn’t end there. The official social media handle of the Congress fired back with a poster portraying Prime Minister Modi as a puppet of billionaire Gautam Adani, adding fuel to the already heated political debate.

Shiv Sena (UBT) MP Sanjay Raut weighed in on the controversy, suggesting that Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah were growing concerned about the rising popularity of Rahul Gandhi.
“The BJP, Narendra Modi, and Amit Shah are starting to fear Rahul Gandhi. This only goes to show that the BJP is heading for a defeat in the 2024 (Lok Sabha) elections. The (mythological) battle between Ram and Ravan was fought in this country. The BJP embodies the vices associated with Ravan the most,” Raut asserted, adding to the ongoing political drama.

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