India On US Alleging Official’s Part In Murder Plot: “Contrary To Policy”.

The External Affairs Ministry responded to inquiries today regarding an alleged plot involving a government official as well as the US-based Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. The ministry called the plot a “matter of concern” and reaffirmed that New Delhi has initiated a high-level investigation into the allegations. In response to inquiries from the media over claims that an Indian government employee collaborated with Nikhil Gupta and other Indian nationals in an attempt to kill Pannun, the head of the Khalistani organisation Sikhs for Justice, Arindam Bagchi, the ministry’s spokesperson, answered. It is concerning about the lawsuit against a person that has been brought before a US court, which purports to connect him to an Indian official. We’ve stated that this goes against official government policy as well,” Mr. Bagchi stated.

“The nexus between organised crime, trafficking, gunrunning and extremists at an international level is a serious issue for the law enforcement agencies and organisations to consider and it is for that reason that a high-level inquiry committee has been constituted and we will be guided by its results,” he stated. The MEA spokeswoman declined to provide any details, stating that no more details on such security-related issues could be released.

Regarding Canada, Mr. Bagchi responded, “We have stated that they have continuously allowed space for anti-Indian extremists and their violence. In response to questions, Canada reiterated its claim that Indian government agents were involved in the death of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in British Columbia. It is, in fact, the crux of the problem. The majority of this has been with our diplomatic personnel in Canada. Therefore, we expect the Canadian government to fulfil its commitments under the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations. Diplomats from Canada have also meddled in our domestic affairs. Gupta is charged with “murder for hire” due to his alleged involvement in the plot to kill US citizen Pannun. In accordance with a convention on extradition between the US and the Czech Republic, Gupta was detained in the country in June. Documents filed in a New York court, according to a US Department of Justice release, claim that an Indian government employee collaborated with Gupta and other individuals to create a plan to kill Pannun. The government employee’s identity is left out of the statement. Amid the evolving events in the US, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated his stance regarding New Delhi. “The recent updates from the United States reinforce our consistent message: it’s essential for India to approach this matter seriously. Collaborating with us is imperative to thoroughly investigate. This is a matter of utmost importance that demands serious attention,” stated Trudeau, as reported by CBC News.

India and Canada’s relations have been strained ever since Trudeau raised the grave accusations regarding Nijjar’s death. The claims have been dismissed by New Delhi as “absurd” and “motivated”. India has since stated that it is willing to begin an investigation if Canada provides proof to support its claims.


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