Israel’s Use Of AI In Air Strikes Resulting In Over 14,000 Dead In Gaza

‘Operation Guardians of the Wall’ was the name given by Israel to its 2021 onslaught against the Palestinians in Gaza. The 11-day conflict is sometimes referred to as the “First AI war.” One week after the Israel-Hamas truce ended, the combat in Gaza broke out again, with reports of casualties coming in the first few minutes. Following the horrific incident on October 7 that claimed 1,400 lives, Israel promised to destroy Hamas. Israeli bombings in Gaza have claimed more than 14,000 lives. Artificial intelligence (AI) applications are once again in the spotlight thanks to Israel’s full-scale ground and air assault of Gaza. ‘Operation Guardians of the Wall’ was the name given by Israel to its 2021 onslaught against the Palestinians in Gaza. The 11-day conflict is sometimes referred to as the “First AI war.” Targets in Gaza were attacked using the information obtained by AI techniques.

“Gospel” , “Alchemist” , “The Depth of Wisdom”

Artificial Intelligence is being used by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) in the current battle to pick targets and carry out targeted airstrikes in Gaza. Previous systems such as “Depth of Wisdom,” “Alchemist,” and “Gospel” have been reintroduced.Systems like “Gospel” are utilised to enable automated tools to generate targets quickly and accurately. These systems improve precise and superior intelligence material in accordance with the needs.” “With the help of artificial intelligence, and through the rapid and automatic extraction of updated intelligence – it produces a recommendation for the researcher, with the goal being that there will be a complete match between the machine’s recommendation and the identification performed by a person,” according to the IDF.

Data from Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Visual Intelligence (VISINT), and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) are gathered and fed into systems during the 2021 conflict to help develop data for precision strikes. These systems process data from ground intelligence, satellite, and surveillance sources. 

“Mass Assasination Factory”

According to an IDF article published on November 2, during the course of 27 days of warfare, over 12,000 targets—or nearly 444 targets every day—have been hit. The data produced by AI is the reason for the increase in objectives.

According to +972 Mag and Local Call, “Gospel” can produce targets more quickly than was previously feasible. An intelligence official who has worked with the technology in the past said that this AI system essentially creates a “mass assassination factory.” AI-based platforms, such as drones, are integrated using the recommendations. Targets for airstrikes are chosen by the AI systems through data analysis. Then, according to Bloomberg, further raids can be quickly put together using a different artificial intelligence model called Fire Factory. The study further stated that Fire Factory creates schedules, prioritises and assigns thousands of targets to drones and aircraft, and calculates munition loads. The IDF selected targets in Hamas, including assassination targets for Hamas operatives, using data processed by an AI tool such as Gospel. According to reports, the IDF has compiled a database of between 30,000 and 40,000 suspected terrorists with the assistance of the target division, as the Guardian reported. The target division, which consists of hundreds of commanders and troops, is “powered by AI capabilities,” according to Aviv Kochavi, the former chief of the IDF until January.


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