Congress responds to Amit Shah by claiming that everyone in the country supported Nehru on Kashmir

The Union Home Minister Amit Shah claimed on Thursday that Kashmiri people suffered for years as a result of former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s “two blunders,” but the Maharashtra Congress retaliated. The Congress emphasised that Pandit Nehru’s decision to bring the Kashmir dispute before the UN was endorsed by the entire country. Congress state spokesperson Gopal Tiwari stated, “Pandit Nehru brought the Kashmir issue to the UN only after carving out the identity of Independent India as a sovereign nation and obtaining world-wide acknowledgement by getting various resolutions passed.”

According to Tiwari, the country as a whole backed Pandit Nehru’s position by electing him to office again for successive terms. Recalling that India had only recently gained independence, was still largely dependent on outside help, and was severely lacking in technological resources, Tiwari stated, “Under such circumstances, the decision to approach the United Nations was the need of the hour and the situation prevailing at that time.” Tiwari emphasised that the people of the entire nation periodically endorsed Pandit Nehru’s policies and choices, and they demonstrated their support by voting Congress and him back into office in the following elections.

Interestingly, Amit Shah overlooks the fact that Pandit Nehru was elected prime minister of India by the people 17 years later. He asked, “Does he intend to insult the people by opposing the decision that they support?” Pandit Nehru, who spearheaded India’s fight for independence, was imprisoned by the British seven times and spent an additional eleven years of his life there, according to Tiwari, for his opposition to their rule. There is never a BJP leader who can match Pandit Nehru’s qualifications and contributions to the liberation movement.

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