Woman turned down a marriage proposal, a man posts her photos online and gets her arrested.

According to a senior officer on Saturday, the Delhi Police have detained a man for allegedly setting up fictitious social media profiles and sharing images of a female acquaintance who is 20 years old with disparaging remarks.
According to him, the arrest was made in response to a complaint that was submitted via the NCRP Portal to the Cyber North Police Station.

In her police complaint, the victim said that she had met and conversed with someone on Instagram in 2018, but that after some time, the man began to harass her and pressure her into getting married to someone of a different faith.”The accused used her image to create two separate identities after the victim ceased communicating with him. He uploaded some lewd content and made vulgar remarks. She encountered numerous issues as a result of him posting her mobile number on such profiles, according to Manoj Kumar Meena, Deputy Commissioner of Police (North).

According to authorities, the accused, Gopal Karaliya, was taken into custody on Monday in Pune.

Karaliya admitted during questioning that he had made contact with and been friends with the woman in 2018. He even proposed to her, but according to the police, their differing religious beliefs prevented their marriage from taking place. “The accused was unable to accept this denial. In an attempt to discredit her, he made fictitious social media accounts and began leaving disparaging comments on her images,” the DCP stated.

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