AAP chieftain Kejriwal and chief minister Bhagwant Mann introduce doorstep service delivery in Punjab

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal referred to the programme as “revolutionary” as he spoke to a crowd here following its introduction.

On Sunday, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and AAP National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal unveiled a state government initiative aimed at providing citizen-centric services directly to individuals’ doorsteps. The senior leader referred to the initiative as a “hammer blow” against corruption. 43 services, such as birth, marriage, and death certificates, income, residence, caste, rural area, border area, backward area, pension, payment of energy bills, and land demarcation, would be provided to individuals under the “Bhagwant Mann Sarkar Tuhade Dwar” initiative.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal referred to the programme as “revolutionary” as he spoke to a crowd here following its introduction.
Kejriwal praised the Mann government, stating that it was fighting corruption step by step and that prominent figures who had “looted” Punjab over the previous 75 years were being raided and arrested. According to him, the liberation fighters did not give their lives so that people would continue to be harassed in government offices once they were free.  According to the Delhi CM, they gave their life to ensure that people have access to great healthcare, roads, power, and education. However, he claimed that because of the system in place in the nation for the past 75 years, people have experienced a great deal of harassment at government offices for doing even menial tasks. “A revolution is exactly what is going to happen in Punjab when the work gets underway. It’s a revolutionary move,” Kejriwal declared.

He discussed the predicament faced by those who must visit government agencies in order to do their tasks. According to him, in order to get their task done, they must wait in queue for a long time, take leaves, forego farm labour, and even pay a middleman money. “With the work that is about to begin in Punjab, you no longer have to visit offices.” Your task will be completed right at your door,” he said.

According to Kejriwal, up to 43 government services—or around 99 percent of those provided by the state government—will be delivered right to a person’s door. He stated that the time would come when citizens will be able to access all government services directly from their doorstep. In order to use these services, he said, users must dial 1076. After that, they will be prompted to arrange appointments at a time that works for them in order to complete their work. He stated that since his government launched this programme in Delhi in September 2018, thousands of individuals have taken advantage of it. “If the governments of Punjab and Delhi could accomplish this, why haven’t the governments of other parties completed this task in the previous 75 years? Why haven’t the governments of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra done this up until now if the Delhi government was able to accomplish this five years ago? They have ill intentions,” he said.

According to him, money paid to middlemen to complete tasks ends up in the hands of an officer, a minister, and a chief minister. “Money you pay for birth, death certificates, and ration cards directly reaches up till a chief minister,” he stated. “In Punjab, you have chosen a sincere government. We do not accept money, and you have selected an honest chief minister for Punjab,” Kejriwal remarked.

The Mann government, led by the AAP chief, was fighting corruption one step at a time. “There were large fish caught. Large leaders who had embezzled funds for 75 years were apprehended and raided. Mann is fearless and has no fear of anyone. Any party involved in the looting of Punjab will face imprisonment, the speaker declared. According to Kejriwal, whomever stole money from Punjab would have it brought back and used to develop hospitals, schools, and other facilities for the people. “The action announced today is the Bhagwant Mann government’s largest blow against corruption in Punjab. This will be recalled by future generations,” he remarked. Mann addressed him and declared that going forward, the general public’s annoyance and humiliation at government offices will never again occur. He promised to frequently monitor the programme to ensure that it helps the average person, together with his MLAs.

According to Mann, each of them will carry out inspections at government offices, making life easier for the average citizen. According to Mann, for the last 25 years, only two or three families have controlled the state, ruining it for their own selfish goals. He claimed that these families exploited the people of the state by running the government according to their own “whims and fancies.”

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