A tunnel behind the wall of Hindan Air Base? Security Alert for 4-Foot Pit Sparks

The police arrived at the scene after being tipped off by residents near the Hindon air base. A large crowd gathered around the site to observe the pit that had sparked the alarms.

A four-foot deep pit was discovered yesterday beneath the perimeter wall of the Hindan Air Base in Ghaziabad, sparking severe security worries over a possible attempt to excavate a tunnel at the strategically crucial air force base located around 10 kilometres from Delhi.
Locals near the Hindan air base alerted the policemen, and they arrived on the scene. A large crowd gathered near the pit that had sparked the sirens. The Indian Air Force has arrived at the site, and the pit is being filled with mud.

The Hindan Air Base is one of Asia’s largest and most important air bases, operating under the Indian Air Force’s Western Air Command. The Indian Air Force’s C-17 transport aircraft is stationed at the air base entrusted with defending the skies over Delhi and its surrounding territories.

Photographs of the pit show that it was dug after bursting through the base of the 20-foot-tall boundary wall. The open space next to the boundary wall is home to locals who live extremely close to the Hindan air base. A substantial residential complex surrounds the Hindan Air Base. “Many incidents of robbery have been reported in the last few days,” said Anil Kumar, a local who lives near the Hindan Air Base. On December 7, I travelled to Muzaffarnagar to attend a wedding, and a robbery occurred in my home, prompting all neighbours to convene to resolve the situation. A man named Gopal informed us that there was a pit beneath the air base’s border wall. My brother and I went to the location with other people and called the cops.”

After obtaining information, a police squad arrived on the scene and assessed the area with air force personnel. “A case has been filed, and strict action will be taken against those responsible,” said the Deputy Superintendent of Police for the Trans Hindan Zone.

Locals claim that multiple robberies and purse snatchings have occurred in the vicinity. “Drug addicts and some anti-social elements are responsible for such incidents,” stated a local resident.

The Indian Air Force has yet to comment on the matter. Meanwhile, an IAF team has filled the pit with muck. A police report has been filed.
The air base has been utilised for offensive operations in the past. MiG-29 fighter jets were stationed at the air base during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks to defend the skies over the national capital.

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