Construction of Pune: Land fencing will start as the Outer Pune Ring Road project picks up momentum

By rerouting traffic out of Pune, the 136.80-km-long Outer Pune Ring Road is being built at an estimated cost of Rs 15,857 crore.

In order to expedite the construction of the 136.80-km-long Outer Pune Ring Road, which will reroute traffic through the city and assist relieve congestion on Pune’s highways, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) has marked out boundaries and is about to start fencing the areas.

“Most of the land needed for the project has been obtained by the district government. It will give it to MSRDC shortly. As a result, the priority will be to quickly demarcate the boundaries of the roads and install 1.5-meter-tall fencing wire in populated areas, according to a senior MSRDC official. The current structures will be demolished and the site cleared and gritted. The official said that watchmen will also be hired to guard the property and the building site.

There are two sections of Pune’s Outer Ring Road. The 65.45 kilometre circular route that travels from Shivare back to Urse will be known as the Western Ring route, while the 74.08 km section of the Pune-Satara national highway that runs from Urse to Shivare on the Yashwantrao Chavan Motorway would be known as the Eastern Ring Road. The proposed road is expected to be finished in 30 months from the actual commencement of work, at an estimated cost of Rs 15,857 crore. For the project, the state government has already set up Rs 11,000 crore for land acquisition, and development would be completed in nine phases.

In order to redirect traffic travelling through Pune from outside the city towards other cities while preventing vehicles from entering the city, the MSRDC designed the greenfield alignment of the access-controlled Outer Pune Ring Road. Pune is currently crossed by nine national routes as well as a motorway. Even those who choose not to pass through Pune are compelled to do so. The Outer Pune Ring Road was built by the Maharashtra government in an effort to relieve traffic on Pune’s roadways and lower the city’s air pollution levels. Traffic heading out of Pune will be able to pass along the planned road without going through the city.

It has been thought that the Yashwantrao Chavan Mumbai Pune Motorway and the Outer Pune Ring route should be widened, with approaches and exits from both the motorway and the planned route provided. The road will have three lanes on either side for 97.80 km and four lanes on either side for a 39 km stretch. The width of the road will be between 90 and 110 metres. The new route, which is intended for cars to go at 120 kmph, will go through 83 communities.

On the section of the MSRDC that passes through cities, noise barriers will be installed, and there will be wayside amenities at five different points. The Outer Pune Ring Road will have fourteen interchanges, eight pedestrian underpasses, six smaller vehicular underpasses, thirteen light vehicle underpasses, thirty-seven vehicular underpasses, twenty-eight vehicular overpasses, three railway overbridges, sixteen major bridges, thirty-eight minor bridges, two hundred culverts, ten tunnels, and eighteen flyovers. There will also be an intelligent traffic management system.

After it was discovered that heavy vehicle traffic from Mumbai to Kolhapur, Ahmednagar, and Solapur, as well as from Kolhapur to Nashik, Ahmednagar, and Solapur, and traffic from Nashik to Solapur, was causing traffic chaos and pollution in Pune city, the state government approved the Outer Pune Ring Road in 2015.

Outer Pune Ring Road: What Lies Ahead

Length 136.80 km
Width 90-110 meter’s
Estimated cost Rs 15,857 crore
Deadline 30 months

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