Prime Minister Modi states in a rare interview that India is “on the cusp of take-off.”

Modi stated in a rare interview with FT that the aspirations of Indians have evolved over the past ten years, responding to inquiries about anything from the country’s evolving perception of democracy to its current state.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a rare interview that the aspirations of Indians have changed as the country is on the “cusp of takeoff,” fielding questions on anything from the state of Indian democracy to the country’s changed perception in the globe. In an interview with the Financial Times at his official residence on 7 Lok Kalyan Marg in New Delhi, Modi stated, “Today, the people of India have very different aspirations from the ones they had 10 years ago.” According to the Prime Minister, “They realise that our nation is on the cusp of a takeoff,” the FT reported. “They know who can expedite this flight the best, and that’s the one who got them this far,” they said.

The report stated that the Prime Minister emphasised how India’s economy has grown from being among the “Fragile Five,” a moniker Morgan Stanley used in 2013 to characterise the nation as it struggled with the twin deficits, to being the fifth largest in the world. He also mentioned how India’s big economy is expanding at the quickest rate in the globe because to his government’s infrastructure push and reforms. The Prime Minister is “extremely confident of victory” to win a third consecutive term in office, the article stated, supported by his track record of “solid change in the common man’s life.”

PM Calls Discussion Of A Constitutional Amendment “Meaningless” The opposition parties’ accusations that the Prime Minister’s third term in office will worsen India’s secular reputation and lead to moves to amend the nation’s constitution were also denied by the Prime Minister. “Those who criticise us have the right and the liberty to voice their thoughts. Prime Minister Modi was quoted in the Financial Times as saying, “There is a fundamental problem with such allegations, which often appear as criticisms.” These statements undervalue the Indian people’s steadfast devotion to principles like democracy and diversity in addition to insulting their intelligence. It is useless to discuss changing the Constitution.

The “most transformative steps,” according to Modi, “have been realised without amending the Constitution but through public participation,” such as the “Clean India” toilet-building programme and ground-breaking digital public infrastructure.

“National Interest” Is The Overarching Principle In Foreign Affairs: PM In response to a query regarding the prime minister’s “closer-than-ever relationship” with Joe Biden, his tight links to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and his technological agreements with the United States, Modi stated, “The world is interconnected as well as interdependent.” The prime minister was quoted in the newspaper as saying, “Our national interest is our foremost guiding principle in foreign affairs.” “By taking this stand, we can interact with different countries in a way that respects our shared interests and recognises the complexity of modern geopolitics.”


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