Another powerful earthquake strikes Japan, although there is no tsunami warning at this time.

Earthquake in Japan: The tremor occurred just over a week after a strong earthquake on January 1 completely destroyed portions of central Japan.

Strong shaking was triggered by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake off the coast of central Japan, but no tsunami warning has yet been issued, according to the authorities, as reported by AFP. The earthquake rattled the same region of the nation as a strong earthquake that devastated sections of central Japan on January 1, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. It occurred off the coast of the Sea of Japan. According to authorities, the earthquakes caused extensive damage and left over 200 people dead, with just over 100 still missing. On the Noto Peninsula, the 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck on New Year’s Day damaged structures, started fires, and disrupted infrastructure.

Authorities have stated that rescuers are still fighting against time to reach the over 3,500 people who are still trapped in remote areas and clear the wreckage. Data from Ishikawa has revealed that 202 individuals have been verified deceased, up from 180 earlier in the day, and 102 remain unaccounted for, down from 120. Since then, the region has had more than 1,200 aftershocks, and the number of people missing has more than quadrupled to 323, with the majority of the increase being linked to the severely damaged Wajima.

Snow in the area affected by the earthquake
Relief efforts have been delayed by heavy snowfall, as almost 30,000 people were staying in 400 government shelters, nearly 60,000 houses without access to running water, and 15,600 households were without electricity.

The Prime Minister of Japan’s remarks regarding rescue efforts
At a daily government meeting for disaster relief, Japan’s prime minister, Fumio Kishida, gave ministers instructions to “make efforts of resolving the state of isolation (of communities) and continue tenacious rescue activities.” In addition, he called for secondary evacuations from the earthquake-affected area to other locations.

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