Suchana Seth Case: Murder Allegations to Hotel Note latest update

Note by Suchana Seth-

In a significant development three days after the arrest of Suchana Seth, the 39-year-old CEO of an AI startup in Bengaluru, investigators have disclosed the recovery of a handwritten note allegedly composed by her. The crumpled tissue paper bears a cryptic message hinting at Seth’s reluctance to grant custody of her son to her estranged husband.

According to police sources, the note, written in English using an eyeliner, is considered a vital piece of evidence that could shed light on Seth’s state of mind and potential motivations behind the tragic incident. The tissue paper, discovered by a forensic team during an inspection at Aimangala police station in Karnataka, had been crumpled, with attempts made to tear bits of it.

Describing the note, a police officer mentioned that at least five lines had been scribbled on it, with a clear reference to the ongoing custody battle. The forensic team has taken a sample of Seth’s handwriting, which has been sent for further examination to validate its authenticity.

“The exact contents of the note cannot be disclosed at this stage, as it is crucial to preserving the integrity of the ongoing investigation,” stated the police officer, emphasizing the importance of this newfound evidence in unraveling the complexities surrounding Suchana Seth’s mental state and potential motives in the unfortunate case.

Cab driver Role-

The pivotal role played by the cab driver, Royjohn D’Souza, in the arrest of Suchana Seth, unfolds in a detailed narrative. Engaging in a conversation with the Goa police in Konkani, D’Souza reveals the intricacies of the journey from Candolim’s Hotel Sol Banyan Grande to the police station in Bengaluru, a four-hour drive marked by a notable traffic jam and a discreet restroom stop.

D’Souza recounts receiving a crucial call from the hotel reception at 11 pm on January 7, urgently summoning him to ferry Seth to Bengaluru. The rendezvous was set for 12:30 am, with an agreed-upon fare of Rs 30,000. The narrative takes an unexpected turn when a Calangute police inspector contacts D’Souza around 11 am, inquiring about the presence of a child accompanying Seth. Subsequently, the inspector instructs the driver to immediately head to the nearest police station.

The revelation of the child’s tragic fate emerges in the context of police questioning and the post-mortem examination. Dr. Kumar Naik, the government doctor in Karnataka who conducted the autopsy, discloses that the young boy was “smothered” at least 36 hours prior to the examination. The absence of visible wounds or signs of struggle prompts speculation about the use of a pillow or wire in the commission of the crime. These unfolding details add layers to the chilling narrative surrounding Suchana Seth’s arrest and the tragic circumstances leading to the demise of her son.

Suchana Seth denial-

Despite the serious allegations, Suchana Seth vehemently denies any involvement in her son’s death, asserting that she is unaware of who might have committed the crime. Law enforcement has been actively investigating the case, recording statements from 15 individuals. Crucial pieces of evidence, including a pillow, her suitcase, and bloodstained towel and cutlery from the service apartment in Goa, have been carefully collected and examined in their pursuit of the truth. The unfolding details paint a harrowing picture of a complex and tragic incident that has left many seeking answers and justice for the young victim.



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