NIA praises Pune police for apprehending suspected ISIS individuals.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) extended its commendations to five dedicated policemen from the Pune city police during a ceremony held on Friday. The felicitation, conducted at the Pune Police Commissionerate, was presided over by IPS officer Pravin Ingawale from NIA Mumbai.

In recognition of their significant role in apprehending suspects associated with ISIS terror modules, the NIA awarded cash rewards totaling Rs 10 lakh along with certificates to the honored officers. The recipients of this recognition were Amol Najan, Pradip Chavan, Bala Rafi Shaikh, Aniket Jamdade, and Dnyaneshwar Panchal, all serving at Kothrud police station. Additionally, senior police inspector Hemant Patil of Kothrud police station was also lauded for his contributions.

The felicitation ceremony, attended by Pune City Police Commissioner Retesh Kumarr, witnessed the formal presentation of rewards and certificates by Ingawale. The event highlighted the collaborative efforts of these commendable officers in ensuring the safety and security of the community.

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