80 years old Haryana man declared dead found alive before last rites.

A man from Karnal, Haryana, who was initially declared dead by a Patiala hospital, was discovered to be alive just before his last rites were to take place. Darshan Singh, 80, had been admitted to a hospital in Patiala due to age-related health issues, according to his grandson Balwan Singh. The family received the news of Darshan Singh’s supposed demise around 9 am on Saturday.

In response to the information, the family began preparations for the last rites, including arranging for the cremation and preparing food for attendees. However, a surprising turn of events occurred when the ambulance transporting Darshan Singh hit a pothole, prompting his brother to observe movement. Realizing that their grandfather was still alive, the family swiftly diverted the ambulance to a local hospital near Karnal.

Balwan Singh explained the situation, stating that his grandfather’s health had been a concern, leading to his recent admission to the Patiala hospital. The attending doctor at the local hospital confirmed that Darshan Singh is now in the ICU, and medical professionals are closely monitoring his condition. This incident underscores the need for careful verification of a patient’s status and highlights the importance of prompt actions in responding to unexpected developments in healthcare situations.

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