No admission under 16, no false assurances: Government rules for coaching centres.

The Ministry of Education has introduced stringent guidelines to address concerns over student well-being and unregulated practices in coaching centers. These measures follow government complaints regarding escalating student suicides, fire incidents, and inadequate facilities, as well as concerns about teaching methodologies.

The guidelines prohibit coaching centers from admitting students below 16 years, making misleading promises, or guaranteeing ranks or high marks. The Ministry aims to establish a legal framework to manage the uncontrolled growth of private coaching centers. To ensure quality education, coaching centers are mandated to engage tutors with qualifications at least equivalent to graduation. Misleading advertisements claiming coaching quality, facilities, or student results are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, coaching centers are barred from hiring individuals convicted of offenses involving moral turpitude.

The guidelines emphasize the importance of mental well-being, urging coaching centers to conduct classes without undue pressure. They mandate the establishment of immediate intervention mechanisms for students in distress, requiring coaching centers to develop a counseling system. Trained counselors must be appointed to facilitate effective guidance, and tutors may undergo mental health training to support students in areas of improvement.

In response to the alarming increase in student suicides in Kota in 2023, the guidelines outline a framework for mental well-being. Tuition fees for various courses must be fair and reasonable, with provisions for pro-rata refunds for students leaving mid-course. Exorbitant fees causing undue stress and leading to student suicides may result in penalties, including fines up to Rs 1 lakh or registration cancellation.

To ensure compliance, coaching centers must register within three months of the guidelines taking effect. State governments will monitor and enforce eligibility requirements, with a focus on the well-being of students. The guidelines acknowledge the responsibility of State/Union Territory Governments for regulating +2 level education, emphasizing local governance for effective oversight. The Ministry’s guidelines aim to establish a structured framework for coaching centers, prioritizing student well-being and addressing the challenges facing the coaching industry.

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