Chief guest President Macron of France honoured India by inviting students to France by 2030 for higher studies3

The 75th Republic Day Celebration took place at Rajpath Avenue in the heart of India’s capital where thousands gathered to witness a vibrant parade and to celebrate the nation’s 75th Republic Day.

French President Emmanuel Macron has also  joined as the chief guest in the celebration of the republic day, marking India’s Constitution adoption in 1950 after gaining independence from British rule. President Droupadi Murmu accompanied Macron in a classic horse-drawn carriage.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, adorned in saffron-and-yellow attire, welcomed the French President. The parade featured military displays, including tanks and missile systems, while stunt performers showcased skills on motorbikes. Floats highlighted cultural and technological achievements, including the recently inaugurated Lord Rama temple.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed gratitude on social media, saying wants to be friends with India and help lots of Indian students study in France. He plans to invite 30,000 Indian students to French universities by the year 2030. He thinks India is a great friend in the Indo-Pacific area. He promises to make it easier for Indian students to get visas, and he also wants to encourage more people in India to learn the French language. This way, he hopes that people from both countries can understand each other better and be better friends.

President Macron participated with a French band and military contingent in the parade. Rajpath Avenue, now Kartavya Path, symbolises duty, a fitting backdrop for the grand event. The parade, a longstanding tradition, draws global attention and this year, Macron’s presence added a special and mutual touch.

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