When centre adopted the new education Policy, formation of an education commission started in uttar pradesh.

Sources said that there will be a discussion on new changes and formats regarding higher education,secondary and Basic education.
It is said that Yogi government will soon set up an education commission in Uttar Pradesh.
On Tuesday the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh yogi Adityanath had chaired an important meeting regarding the formation of the state education commission. Senior officials including the principal secretary higher education to  disscuss the formation of the commission.
In order to strengthen the health infrastructure of the state,the yogi government  will start 4,600  health ATMs in all wellness centres and medical colleges in every district,informed the government.
According to an official realease,the process of appointing  expert – personnel to assist the people all the health ATMs has also been expediated.teleconsultation facilities will also be available  at all health centres.
Furthermore all the PHCS and CHCS of the state will be connected  with SGPGI and people will not have to run to the medical College  for minor  problems. Work is going on in this direction  on a war footing.
The yogi government special focus for  this year will be on education,health,law and order,tourism and infrastructure development.

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