Eleven States visit of Amit Shah will anchor the Party mission for 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The union Home minister Amit Shah visits of 11 states of India shows that BJP has started their 2024 Lok Sabha conquer mission .

First of all Shah will visit Tripura on January 5 and manipur and Nagaland on January 6.

Senior BJP leader and home minister Amit Shah will travel almost 11 states this month as part of his party’s Lok Sabha Conquer mission.

Not only the Lok Sabha elections but boosting it’s prospects in targeted parliamentary constituencies ahed of the general election.

Shah will travel Chattisgarh and Jharkhand on January 7 and Andhrapradesh on January 8.He will reach uttar pradesh on January 16 and in West Bengal on January 17 and it’s Hubli in Karnataka on January 28 and on January 29 Shah will visit northern states Haryana and Punjab.

By strengthening it’s organisation and social base BJP believes it can be in wining position on 160 seats ,most of which BJP has lost in 2019 election.

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