Education sector aspects high from the union budget of 2023- 24, what expects hopes.

Education allocation in union budget have conventional steared towards brick and motor setups designate to impact classroom learning and teaching.

The government must focus on career Awareness to drive employee ability.

About 50% of Indian population is below 25 years and for this segment to make India a talent power house.

Under new National Educational policy the government will be using this opportunity to accelerate some of the foundation of principles of year 2020, which are asses equality ,quality affordability and accountability.

The education sector has High Hopes from the union budget 2023-24 anticipating a focus approach towards making education Alliance with future readdiiness.

Educationist hoping that upcoming budget to provide avenues for breezing the gap between education and Employment. we are making earnest efforts to make quality digital education more accessible. we look forward to substantial budget allocation to train educational professionals in the use of VR and a AR for education and empower teachers with the tools and no how far the effective implementation of Technology in classroom.

Union budget 2023 outlet must provisions for internationalisation of the state and Central Government universities while also make India a destination for foreign students.

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