Visit temples it’s good for your health and mind.

Temple rituals are not blind traditions that are followed by drops of believers without any thought behind them. An evidence source that every ritual has a symbolic and scientific objective behind it.

A temple is a sacred place of blessing, where everyone comes with a positive thought creating a wave of positivity in the temple space.

It helps calm our mind and body and absorb positive vibrations and energy.

It has many scientific connections attached to it which when we understand we will be able to appreciate the whole some goddness it brings to our mind body and soul.

It seems that the Temple helps us rich ourselves spiritually such that we live our world desires and come near to almighty.

Human have five senses and each ritual in temple like ringing the bail, lighting the camphor, offering flowers applying Tilak in the temple mint to activate our senses and make us sacred. we get too much positive energy due to these activeted five senses.

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